2005 - 2009


Brightkite is a location-based social network. In real time you can see where your friends are and what they're up to. Depending on your privacy settings you can also meet others nearby. Brightkite has recently launched both an iPhone app available at on iTunes AppStore.



Jibbitz/Crocs, Inc.

2005 - 2008

Jibbitz are unique colorful charms that snap-on to holes of Crocs™ shoes. jibbitz allow Crocs consumers to personalize their footwear to creatively express their individuality. More than 1500 Jibbitz designs are available to consumers through over 10,000 retail accounts worldwide. In December 2006, Crocs, Inc. acquired Jibbitz LLC. Jibbitz currently operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of Crocs, Inc.

• Invented and Developed Charm Fastening System
• Grew Company to 3,500 retailers and $2M per month in sales within the 1st year
• Set up and managed sales, manufacturing and operations in China, the Hague, Singapore, Japan, Canada and Brazil
• Sold over 100 million Jibbitz Worldwide
• Named one of the fastest growing companies in the US in 2006
• Sold Company in just over 1 year for $20M
• Formed Partnerships with Disney, Nickelodeon, Warner Brothers, NFL, NHL,NBA, MLB and many others for Licensed Jibbitz.



2004 - 2006

Modya was formed in the Fall of '04 as a Web 2.0 Product and Services Business. Modya primary focus is monetizing content of RSS/XML Feeds through contextual and location based Ad-Insertion.

• Invented and Developed RSS/XML Ad-Insertion System for Desktop/Wallpaper and Screen Saver and RSS/XML contextual insertion



2001 - 2004

Formed in April 2003 through the merger of two application monitoring technology companies, Xaffire, Inc. developed and sold Xfire, the most powerful Web application management solution in today's market. By combining innovative instant replay for every user session with a comprehensive suite of infrastructure monitoring tools, Xfire enables more rapid, efficient diagnosis of the intermittent problems that plague web sites at the application layer and results in enhanced site quality of service, reduced organizational stress and increased customer satisfaction. Customers using Xaffire's solution benefit from integrated end user, network and system monitoring in one easy-to-use interface, and get visibility into the online experience of all end users.

• Developed an Enterprise Appliance to Record and Playback web site errors for rapid remediation between customers, customer service departments and IT/Repair.
• Merged Company with Matrix NetSystems
• Sold portion of Assets to Keynote (NASDAQ:keyn)
• Invented and Developed Instrumentation On/Off System


ipArchive/Audible Magic

2000 – 2001

ipArchive/Audible Magic provides innovative electronic media identification and copyright management solutions for content owners, publishers, broadcasters, disc replicators, hardware & software developers and IT organizations. Audible Magic’s products and services identify, monitor, track and manage copyrighted multimedia content in all of its forms, including:

* Radio and TV analog broadcasts
* Internet and satellite streams
* Stored digital files
* Network file transfers

The company’s core copyright-sensing technology, CopySense®, accurately identifies digital or broadcast media content based on the perceptual characteristics of the content itself. Built on a patented electronic fingerprinting process, the technology is robust, efficient, and massively scalable.

• Invented and Developed Anti-Piracy Network Appliance for the Internet
• 2 Issued Patents
• Sold Technology to Audible Magic



1997 – 2000

Summary was a leading consumer marketing company that built and maintained consumer awareness, affinity, and loyalty with image-based content, products and services. was acquired by Excite@Home in 2000.

• Invented and Developed Advertising Insertion Screen Saver/Desk Wallpaper Program
• Licensed National Geographic archive for use as prints and posters
• Nielsen rated as the 4th most trafficked specialty site on the Internet with2M page views per day
• 3M registered opt-in users to our weekly email campaigns.
• Sold to Excite@Home for $80M



1990 – 1994

SkyConnect developed a system that involved capturing and storing the digital compressed ads and then switching them into the cable channel on queue from national network feeds. These developments lead to my first 3 patents (see patent section). SkyConnect became the second largest provider of digital ad-insertion and VoD technology and was eventually bought by Larry Ellison's company, nCube.

• Invented and Developed Digital Media Insertion Technologies for Ad-Insertion, NVOD and VOD targeted at the Cable TV industries.
• Largest Supplier of Ad-Insertion in the world
• 3 issued Patents
• Sold to Larry Ellison’s nCube (now c-Cor)




VR1 created the first multi-player online environment and became the key technology licensed to xBox. VR1 also created Fighter Ace for Microsoft and eventually sold the Company to Pacific Gaming of Japan in 2001.

• Developed the first Online Interactive Gaming and Platform
• Licensed to xBox
• Created Fighter Ace for Microsoft
• Sold majority of Consumer Assets to Pacific Gaming in 2001
• Remaining Enterprise Technology now run by Circadence a major DoD contractor based in Boulder, CO.


Global Entertainment Systems

1988 – 1990

Global Entertainment Systems was formed to invent and develop systems that would enable content providers to digitize, compress and deliver to consumers through dial tone, cable or satellite television.

• Developed Vector Quantization Video Compression Technology for Cable TV and Satellite Industries through a license with Utah State University
• GES/SA was first company to compress and send 4 Digital Signals over a Satellite that would normally carry 1 analog Signal
• Sold through a License to Scientific Atlanta