Limit 3 Mission

Our Mission is to invest in disruptive technologies with an emphasis on consumer products.

Investment Strategy

We limit investments to 3 projects at a time (Limit3), divided into the following categories:

Internal Investments:

Cash & Intellectual Capital Investments (External Investments) – In addition to traditional equity investments, Limit 3 has developed a portfolio of patents, ideas and "know-how", that we will license or invest into businesses under the following scenarios:

The Team

Now Hiring

We are now hiring contractors for Character Development for a new project expected to launch Summer '09, targeting children ages 4-14. Please email your resume and link to your online portfolio to

Company Contact information

Our Mailing address for Limit3, GeoPalz and Cardicorp is PO Box 1170, Boulder, CO 80306, USA
Phone: +877-546-4803
Fax: +877-546-4804

Please note that we do not accept any unsolicited ideas, emails, products or mailers. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.